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About Hiša

Placed underneath the mountain of Bohor (Slovenia), bordering on the Eastern Slovene Prealps and typical Pannonian landscape, a small farm estate carrying the name ‘Znoj’ (l.t. Sweat) was occupied since approx. 1900. The name and the farm-house are probably the true indicators of the conditions first owners were battling with. Typical Kozjansko region farm-house reveals the family struggle for survival: modest construction style with no fundaments, central room with small ceramic stove connected to open ‘black kitchen’, with wooden chimney.

Founder and owners: Matic Gajsek and Alexander Trolie
Beautiful sunset over Hisa Podlog location

The property has since 1980’s not been properly maintained nor renovated, until beginning of redevelopment in 2019 when passed over to Matic Gajšek and his husband Alexander Trolie. Matic, who‘s passionately working in the field of cultural entrepreneurship felt the need to make this stunning farm estate a justice it deserved.


»Despite the farm estate belonging to my grandfather for almost half a century, I have not seen the property until after his death. Visiting the farm for the first time, the location, truly untouched nature and even the old, barely standing house have made such an impression on me that I said ‘yes’, I want to bring it to life again!«

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