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Artistic residence

Where Creativity Resides and Dreams Unfold.

Artistic residence is a prominent component in the work of the institute, with an objective of becoming the artistic connector between the local community and general public.

Artistic residence would annually host between 8 to 10 international artists from across the disciplines, who would create on the property for a period of one month. The vision of residency is forming an unique international multi-disciplinary artistic community, ranging from painters, sculptors, multi-media artists or composers and literates, exploring and creating in context of cultural heritage of Kozjansko region.

Through such innovative approach the artistic residency aims to become local cultural catalyst, using the power of culture as a “driving force” towards broader sustainable development of historically deprived region of Kozjansko.

Programs and activities of Artistic residence in local community:

  • Public talk events with guest resident artists

  • Open workshops during the artistic process and closing exhibitions

  • Forma-viva concept with integration of art works into the landscape of Hiša Podlog, open to public

  • Specialcultural-educational events, projects, etc.

Hisa Podlog Artistic Residence

EVENT: The Glimpse of Music from Podlog with Favoza