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From Cultural heritage to Sustainable development – Cristina da Milano

Updated: Feb 2

»From Cultural heritage to Sustainable development« is a series of expert lectures organized by Hiša Podlog / Cultural residence Podlog pod Bohorjem, aiming to transfer new insights and competencies of leading European experts to the tourism and cultural operators working in the broader Kozjansko region.

The second lecture took place on Tuesday, 23rd November 2021 at 17.30, with one of Europe’s leading cultural heritage and audience development experts, Cristina da Milano. The main topic of this session will be “Cultural heritage as a strategic opportunity for development of destinations and audiences” with Cristino da Milano.

More about the expert Cristina da Milano

Cristina da Milano is president of ECCOM (European Centre for Cultural Organisation and Management), an organisation founded in 1995 which carries out research projects at a national and international level on the issue of the social role of culture and of the impact of lifelong learning processes within the cultural sector. Da Milano has been involved in several EU funded projects and studies, with specific reference to cultural access and participation, audience development and the social role of culture in contemporary society.

She is member of the board of directors and vice-president of Culture Action Europe; member of the board of directors of Teatro di Roma; member of the Commission for the National Museum System of the Italian Ministry for Culture.

As part of a four-lecture series tittled “From Cultural Heritage to Sustainable Development”, we will weekly present leading European researchers and experts who continue expanding the existing framework of knowledge and practices in the field of cultural heritage, tourism, innovation and sustainable development. As part of Hiša Podlog / Cultural residence Podlog pod Bohorjem’s mission we aim to contribute to the transfer both new insights and competencies to the community in the Kozjansko region. The objective of our think-tank‘s advisory board is thus to further contribute the competencies required for sustainable development of the region.

Lecture series is organized by Hiša Podlog / Cultural residence Podlog pod Bohorjem and made possible with financial support of Municipality of Šentjur.


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