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From Cultural heritage to Sustainable development – Dr. Greg Richards

»From Cultural heritage to Sustainable development« is a series of expert lectures organized by Hiša Podlog / Cultural residence Podlog pod Bohorjem, aiming to transfer new insights and competencies of leading European experts to the tourism and cultural operators working in the broader Kozjansko region.

The inaugurating lecture of the series took place on Tuesday, 16th November 2021, with one of Europe’s leading placemaking experts dr. Greg Richards. The main focus of the expert lecture was the “Transition to creative tourism as a tool for sustainable development of destinations“.

More about the expert lecturer dr. Greg Richards

Dr. Greg Richards is Professor of Placemaking and Events at Breda University and Professor of Leisure Studies at the University of Tilburg in The Netherlands. He has worked with numerous national governments, national tourism organizations, cities and regions on a wide range of placemaking projects. Among his main publications are Tourism, Creativity and Development (2010), ‘Reinventing the Local in Tourism’ (2016), ‘SAGE Handbook of New Urban Studies’ (2017), ‘Small Cities with Big Dreams’ (2019) and ‘Rethinking Cultural Tourism’ (2021).

As part of a four-lecture series tittled “From Cultural Heritage to Sustainable Development”, we will weekly present leading European researchers and experts who continue expanding the existing framework of knowledge and practices in the field of cultural heritage, tourism, innovation and sustainable development. As part of Hiša Podlog / Cultural residence Podlog pod Bohorjem’s mission we aim to contribute to the transfer both new insights and competencies to the community in the Kozjansko region. The objective of our think-tank‘s advisory board is thus to further contribute the competencies required for sustainable development of the region.

Lecture series is organized by Hiša Podlog / Cultural residence Podlog pod Bohorjem and made possible with financial support of Municipality of Šentjur


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